RECYCLING GOLD: an ecological gesture

For more than ten years, the jewelry brand EUGENIE is committed to use only recycled gold for the metal forming of its jewels.

The old gold scrap is turned into jewelry creations and thus ensure the transformation of this precious metal, which today imposes real difficulties for the environment.

Did you know that artisanal gold mining is carried by 15 million miners, providing livelihood for more than 60 million people in more than 50 countries in some of the world’s poorest regions?

Unfortunately, these territories are victims of economic exploitation, corruption, human rights violations, child labor, but also health risks and environmental illegalities.

Releases of mercury, cyanide and other highly toxic substances cause severe pollution of the air, soil and water. The technologies are rudimentary and the working conditions often very dangerous.

During your first meeting at the ’34’, please be kind to consider bringing

your gold which may be in the form of jewelry to remelt, or even bits of chains. This kind act will enable you to participate in a safe way to help the brand to perpetuate this mode of ecological transformation!