EUGENIE, a brand ‘Made in France’

The brand EUGENIE jewelry guarantees the manufacture of its jewelery creations in France. The jewels fonts are made by a Parisian gold smelter. Then each jewel is worked in the workshop in Paris by the best craftsmen of France – that they are jewelers, engravers, model makers, lacquerers, polishers, lapidaries …

The jewel maker’s hallmark is affixed by the customs on each piece of jewelry as well as the 18 carats gold or platinum hallmark – at the Paris 3rd district Warranty Office.

The gems – as for them – come from all over the world and are imported from each country by stone traders shuttling back and forth to Paris. Emeralds are sourced in Brazil (Minais Gerais), but also in Africa (Zambia & Madagascar).

The rubies come from Africa as well as Thailand and Burma. Sapphires from Sri Lanka, Ceylon or Africa. Diamonds come from all over the world: Bombay paving, Tel Aviv – larger sized diamonds come from Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, New York.

In this way the brand EUGENIE works in close collaboration with the best craftsmen of France and stone traders – it guarantees creations of quality and high value.