Eugenie draws her inspiration from nature by creating both organic and dreamlike pieces, such as the Rainette Ring or the “Canons” feather earrings.

From her travels around the world, from Mexico to Guatemala to Cambodia, Japan to Oceania, Australia and Easter Island, Eugenie keeps travel diaries and samples made on site. They feed her imagination every day like the Bahia ring drawn in Paraty in the jungle.

Contemporary art and the city of Paris inspired Eugenie to develop contemporary feminine jewelery pieces such as the Diva ring.

A modern and independent woman, Eugenie combines her entrepreneurial life with her family life. ‘It often happens that my children burst into my office during an appointment. Their joy of life and their spontaneity is a daily source of inspiration; they are my most precious gems.


Eugenie offers jewelry collections and tailor-made fine jewelry pieces.

The collections are visible by appointment at the 34 – as well as on social networks.

The appointment and the design of your jewel: after meeting us in our showroom and that you informed us of your wishes – type of jewelry, materials, stones, budgets and deadlines – several original creations will be proposed in the form of gouache drawings.

The making of the model: When you have selected a creation with a definite option, we will go to the stage of manufacturing the jewelry in wax, the wax once sculpted will allow you to validate the balance and the volume of your jewel.

The drawing of the jewel: after validating the wax model, it goes straight to the foundry to make a gold print. Then your jewel goes back to the workshop to be polished and cleaned. This step is called “melt catching up”.

Crimping: the craftsman will prepare the jewel to fix the stones, it is a long and very delicate step. The stones will be fixed via using various different techniques: crimped, hammered or invisible. Your jewel will then be hallmarked.

Delivery: Brightening is the step that consist of giving sparkle to your jewel. The latter will be polished before being hand out to you. After a final quality control, your jewel will be delivered to you in our showroom.

Eugenie Viellard Bijoux Sur-Mesure